Being M3 Knitwear


One family, one story

1962: a young woman and her future husband rent a small room in which to give life to their passion for knitting, transforming their experience into the family business. And so began the story of SAPAM, a knitwear factory rooted in the tradition of knitwear typical of Made in Italy, particularly appreciated by foreign markets. Thanks to the high quality of its handcrafted products and the use of top-quality raw materials, SAPAM has become an excellent representative of the Treviso textile district, one of the most important in Italy for knitwear.

Reinterpreting the
knitting mill

Over the years, SAPAM has continued to grow not only physically, increasing the surface area dedicated to production and the number of staff employed, but also culturally, intercepting fashions, styles and new technologies in the textile sector and becoming a reference point for fashion brands, especially foreign ones. This philosophy led the four children of the founders to revive the company with a new name and new prospects. And thus, M3 Knitwear was born. Founded in 1992, the renovated knitwear factory maintains a completely Made in Italy production while turning its gaze to the global market, counting on its rich heritage of experience and tradition, which is flanked by an increasingly strong focus on sustainability and green fashion, as well as the search for new talent.

Our identity

M3 Knitwear has always been not only a company, but also a family made up of people with different skills, all with a high level of technical experience and an innate passion for knitwear. Working in this sector of fashion means combining the craftsmanship of thought with the technology of making, questioning oneself every new season to evaluate the latest stylistic projects, studying them and making them viable so that they are unique and distinguishable.

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