Tradition, craftsmanship and innovation


In the world of knitwear, the definition of the design is a very special phase, where the idea becomes central and everything that follows must be thought out and studied.

The design must be interpreted in every aspect, starting with the simplicity of a yarn, then moving on to deciding on the technical method of processing, and finally to the construction of volumes, geometries, alternations and shades of colour. This process makes the different types of manufacturing very fascinating, but it also requires a lot more technical expertise.

At M3 Knitwear, experience, craftsmanship and continuous experimentation are put at the service of the customer to create their own unique and personal collection based on their style.

Tradition, craftsmanship, versatility, innovation, thread and the passion and culture of the trade – that’s all we need to give shape to the ideas that our customers propose to us.

Every design project, starting from the first preparatory sketches, must succeed in surprising and exciting both our interlocutors and ourselves.

We believe in the quality and unique characteristics of what we create – a love for our creations that we find in those who commission each garment, as well as in those who buy and wear it.

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